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Male Nude Photography- Touch Your Toes Tres

Starring - Austin Power, Ben Alexander, Bobby Coxx, Bruce, Casey Coxx, Damien Drake, Dan Carter, David Jones, Denware Dupuis, Gabriel New, Gabriel Sessi, George Bond, Gianni Luca, Heinrich Hoddie, Jake Harrison, Jessie Harris, JoJo, Joe Galea, Justin Drew, Justin Kingsley, Keanu Sam, Mike Stafford, Nathan Scott, Oliver Starr, Paul From Poland, Peter Lakes, Przemo, Rich Andrews, Robert, Ronald Gabriel, San Salvador, Scott Sensa, Sebastian Forde, Simon King, Siwy, Steffan Vergene, Steven Jay, Tobey Harte, Tobi Thomas, Travis James, Tyler James, Warr N Piece, Xzavier Sheeth.
Photographer Nick Baer presents 43 male models doing Nick's classic "Touch Your Toes" pose. The models reach for their arches, but stop just ever so slightly creating an amazing optical illusion. Included are most of the models from Nick Baer's European and British travel adventures. Full frontal male nudity, color, 40 pages.

Meet the Models in Male Nude Photography- Touch Your Toes Tres


Austin Power

Ben Alexander

Bobby Coxx


Casey Coxx

Damien Drake

Dan Carter

David Jones

Denware Dupuis

Gabriel New

Gabriel Sessi

George Bond

Gianni Luca

Heinrich Hoddie

Jake Harrison

Jessie Harris


Joe Galea

Justin Drew

Justin Kingsley

Keanu Sam

Mike Stafford

Nathan Scott

Oliver Starr

Paul From Poland

Peter Lakes


Rich Andrews


Ronald Gabriel

San Salvador

Scott Sensa

Sebastian Forde

Simon King


Steffan Vergene

Steven Jay

Tobey Harte

Tobi Thomas

Travis James

Tyler James

Warr N Piece

Xzavier Sheeth

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