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Male Nude Photography- The Jock's Bare Feet

Starring - Chris Silver, Jay Cruz, Luca DiCorso, James Frazier, Joe Gabriel, Sam Gibbs, Damian Norris, Thorjan, Lil Zany, Jimmy S, Tristan Dempsey, Maximilliano, Mickey Black, Shemar Tyson.
Nick Baer's intimate portraits of 14 nude male models and their bare feet. Full frontal male nudity, color, 42 pages.

Meet the Models in Male Nude Photography- The Jock's Bare Feet


Chris Silver

Jay Cruz

Luca DiCorso

James Frazier

Joe Gabriel

Sam Gibbs

Damian Norris


Lil Zany

Jimmy S

Tristan Dempsey


Mickey Black

Shemar Tyson

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